Learning from FLL vs. MIA for SWA/HOU vs UA/IAH TSA waste tip rankings 290

I find a Customs and Border Protection evidence disingenuous, given a pressures already in a etiquette gymnasium and a enlargement projections that are already partial of a IAH Master Plan and a swift enlargement devise of United, insofar as we can theory what it is from a Boeing sequence book.
It’s a business who have a many to benefit from a Hobby enlargement gateway. And as a customer, I’ll gamble on Southwest operative in my seductiveness before I’ll gamble on a “new” United.
But here’s a smoking gun that just devastates United’s argument: Ft. Lauderdale (in a Miami metro) has vastly stretched bonus general drifting with airlines like Spirit and JetBlue, among others, yet over a final 6 years American has doubled the series of departures from a Latin America heart during Miami (source).

Definitely a doctrine for Houston here. United’s threats to cut use are a smokescreen. Profits competence drop, though use will usually boost and fares will dump for a adults of Houston.

Show your support. Please cruise signing Southwest’s online petition: Free Hobby!

UPDATE: Noted aviation blogger Cranky Flier weighs in on a debate:

“United says it will harm a traffic, and that could outcome in a city losing service. It also says that this will take divided etiquette and immigration resources from Intercontinental, creation for a worse knowledge for travelers there. Oh please.
These are always a arguments used to quarrel competition. American used even some-more absurd ones in a Love Field fight, so this shouldn’t be surprising. And it isn’t.
Really, if you’re United, wouldn’t we quarrel this? we mean, we positively don’t wish some-more competition, so we should put some bid into perplexing to keep it out. But in this case, it should be a losing battle. Hobby should get a etiquette facility, and we suppose that’s what we’re going to see happen.”
Moving on to some smaller misc items:

While we’re on a subject of airports, here’s an infographic on a rubbish and ineffectiveness during a TSA. Just arrange of turns your stomach to review by it. We really need to decentralize confidence behind to a airports (albeit with some arrange of sovereign standards). Hat tip to Tony.
U-Haul names Houston a #1 end in a nation for a 3rd year in a row.
Despite a repute for low firmness sprawl, Houston’s firmness 27% above a normal civic density.
Aaron Renn (The Urbanophile) has an engaging post over during New Geography about a reordering of a civic hierarchy, with NYC and DC winning large while LA, Chicago, and Boston slip. But even some-more engaging is that, unprompted, Houston comes adult many times in a comments here, mostly in a certain way. Check ‘em out.
A integrate of engaging equipment from The Atlantic. Houston a unchanging tip 20 metro in a country, along with Dallas and Austin (hat tip to John). And from this story on a many and slightest energetic cities (hat tip to Matt):
“In a full list of a richest and lowest civil economies, usually Houston finished in a tip 20 among both a richest and a fastest-growing metros. That’s a conspicuous fulfilment for a Texas appetite hub”

If you’re meddlesome in a ongoing enlargement skeleton for a 290 mezzanine (including a Hempstead fee road), check out this extensive video by HGAC. Some good visualizations make it easier to know all a improvements. They also plead a financial break that TXDoT is confronting with a gas taxation not being practiced for inflation. They usually have supports to repair bottlenecks during 610 and Beltway 8, though they need a lot some-more to exercise a devise via a whole corridor, that is one of a many undiluted in a city and a state. Now it looks like a devise competence be changeable somewhat (Chronicle story), with fee lanes in a core of 290 instead of a Hempstead corridor. This is substantially not a bad middle tenure plan, as prolonged as those lanes could be converted to giveaway lanes down a highway when a Hempstead tollway becomes some-more viable.
Finally, if you’d like to hear my thoughts on a benefaction and destiny of education, we was recently interviewed by Larry Payne on a HCC TV uncover “Dialogue Houston“. He interviewed me since of an preparation record startup I’m operative on, though since that’s still rather in “stealth mode”, he attributes me to a blog, nonetheless preparation is not a common subject here. If you’d like to learn more, email me – tgattis (at) pdq.net.

The video can’t be embedded (as distant as we can figure out), so to watch it, go here, click on part 189, and afterwards wizz forward about 31 mins in. The shred is about 12 min

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